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By Ugochukwu Odenigbo

Just like the various daily trends that make waves on Twitter; this gentleman we bring to you on this edition is indeed a trending topic in one of Africa’s greatest universities- the University of Lagos; fondly called UNILAG.

Well, it shouldn’t surprise anyone now, should it? With such a name guaranteed to raise eyebrows especially among students; it isn’t hard to see why this 200 level Geology student has close to ten thousand (10,000) followers on Twitter!

With the mass media and Publicity Empire this young lad is slowly but surely building; one can argue right away that he’s no OLODO but a prodigy of epic proportions!

No OLODO can engineer the organizational structure he has laid in place with regards to his website as well as other internet parameters that revolve around Facebook and especially Twitter!

He is a rare creative genius and Cruise Nigeria wasted no time in inviting him over for a chat so that Nigerians and especially his followers can see the face behind the brand!

This may be no Mozart, or Einstein, or Pablo Picasso, or Jackie Evancho or even John Von Neumann; but all the same, allow us to present our very own Ibrahim Salawu- the internet prodigy of Lasgidi, nay Nigeria and the brilliant brains behind!

Notice that the following is an extract of the full interview which would be published in our subsequent Cruise Nigeria paperback edition and that Unilagolodo’s comments are emboldened while our questions assume regular fonts.


The brain behind the brand- Ibrahim Salawu

For those who don’t know UNILAGOLODO; could you shed some light on this unique brand?

UnilagOlodo is a publicist. We publicize and hype events, artistes, brands and products using social media platforms.  They keyword here is ‘social’. We connect to our audience on a personal level. We also publish articles, entertainment gossips and educational apps. I’d say it’s an all-round infotainment platform.

Where does your inspiration come from on a personal level?

I have drawn inspiration over the years from my love of entertainment. I have always been a lover of entertainment generally and I know that there are others like me out there; but who unlike me do not have the time or know the right places to get contents, so I thought, why not start a website and bring entertainment to them. Bang! That’s how the entire concept came to life!

How did you go about raking up the impressive thousands of followers on twitter?

Like I told you bro; I have always been a fan of social media sites and an active user at that so that came with that. And besides; I have been on twitter since June 2009; so getting thousands of followers didn’t just happen overnight. It has been a gradual, but progressive process or umm let’s just say I’m popular in cyber space (laughs)

So tell your followers who you are on a personal level. Beyond Twitter; who is UNILAGOLODO?

Umm, UnilagOlodo is one random dude like that. Ibrahim Salawu is my birth name. I am a 200 level University of Lagos student studying Geology. I’m just a regular Nigerian youth with a crazy sense of humour and an even crazier sense of duty. I got the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid, I guess T.I was talking about me on that his track. (Laughs)

Interesting. What challenges have confronted you thus far and how difficult has it been blending your Geology studies with the marvelous job you do?

School and work? (sighs) It has been extremely difficult mayne! Twenty-four hours ain’t even near enough. We are Nigerians though and we have innate survival instincts. It is in our blood to make it through thick and thin and as you know; everything in Naija is a challenge. Electricity is privilege which is not to be expected if you have got work to do. Internet service in this country is equally frustrating. They are just bent on offering whack services at high rates. Then on the other hand you got those who want your services and don’t wanna know what you go through to provide those services. They just want you to do it well and for free. (Laughs). So jokes apart; I’m just painting a picture of how tough it can be and much energy we put into making things work!

With these mounting challenges, how do you secure funding to keep the ball rolling on all fronts?

When you have a project you believe in you invest and give it your all. That’s my philosophy and that’s what I do. This is an ongoing project growing bigger and better by the day. They say with great power comes great responsibilities. So, man I got no choice but to tackle the obstacles head on. Proceeds from services rendered go back into it in order to facilitate growth.

It’s good to know that your online enterprise can sustain itself by itself.

We Thank God for that.

How would you describe the reception you get in UNILAG?

Reception in UNILAG is amazing. Hearing about UnilagOlodo for the first time just cracks a lot of people up. They ask “What the f*#k is that about”. But after checking out my ‘about page’, following on twitter for a while they come to terms with it and frankly get to appreciate it.

We think u r one of the most creative young minds in Nigeria’s entertainment sphere and we wish you even more success.

Thanks Fam (smiles)

Any parting words?

Sure; I’d love to send a shout out to my friends and fans of I want to thank you so much for the love y’all been showing me from time immemorial. I also want to urge you to keep supporting this brand and I will keep putting in my best! Spread the word about to your peeps!

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