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By Falana Ifedolapo Adekunle

This goes strictly to most ladies not all. I will like to take you around a world and let you see some things in a better form, i want you to understand one of the reasons why you are having heart breaks and disappointment in your relationship(s). If you are selling soil then paying you with stones wouldn’t be a big or huge problem.

You are advertising your body and you expect guys to buy your heart? Where on earth is that done? You are selling your private part publicly and you expect someone to treasure it in the same public? It doesn’t work that way.

Self-esteem is a priceless asset in any lady and it waters my eyes whenever I realize that some ladies have lost count of the number of guys that have ‘swam in your pool’… You have lost count of the number of guys you have said YES to.

Whatever happened to your self-respect? I mean, if you don’t esteem yourself, how do you expect any man out there to do so?

Your status always says WHO CARES.. omg! Since you don’t care then why do you want someone to care for you?

It was Nathaniel Branden who rightly said, “Self esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves.” So ladies, it all starts with an inner resolution- an inner reformation of yourselves. With that you build up your character and leave a legacy that would get men craving your attention for the right reasons.

There can be no room for complacency, there can be no room for being cheap or saying your attitude or your past doesn’t matter; cos girlfriend, it does… they do!

Things you have done before meeting your desired man counts and that is why it is important to start as early as possible in ‘righting’ your wrongs. You might say to yourself, those things I did  before don’t matter anymore.

If only you knew how much guys laugh at you each time they get down on you. If only you could see the ecstasy and euphoria dancing in their eyes when they gist their friends about their escapades with you. Do you know they refer you to other guys to have a taste too?

One major fact: most guys want to date a SURE girl but none will like to have something serious with them and am sure you don’t need me to tell you why. It’s not too late to start a new life entirely.

Falana Ifedolapo Adekunle
CEO of True Lovers World intl
BBM: 33125576.

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