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The drama and hullaballoo courting Benson Okonkwo reached a crescendo lately and have without doubt made the Enugu based lad; Nollywood’s most controversial actor.

The budding talent addressed the gay rumours which have formed the epicentre of his controversy, by categorically and emphatically denying being gay.

Cruise Nigeria sampled opinions from some of his colleagues and friends, and here is what some of them had to say about him:

Ibeh Chinenye

I’m Ibeh Georgina Chinenye, an actress from Imo state. Benson is a colleague and a good friend. I did ladies cult with him. From what I know about him, he’s a hardworking, friendly, down to earth guy. He has swags and of course loves women.  I never know him as gay…never, God forbid!

Tony Nkem

I’m Tony Nkem Jnr., from Udi Local Government Area of Enugu state. I’m a Nollywood upcoming actor. I have known Benson Okonkwo for 3 years now and he is a good friend of mine. The Benson I know is not a gay. What I observe from all these is that most of them are envious of him, which is why they engage in fueling this rumor just to kill his career. But I bet you they will never succeed. Benson the sky is your starting point, ride.

Oge Nwuba

I’m Oge Nwuba, a Nollywood actress. I know Benson back then in UNEC, that’s like 7 year back. I don’t believe the gay story. I don’t have any reasons to believe it. What matters is the personality and talent and not cheap gossip.

Egungwu Ugochukwu

My name is Egungwu Ugochukwu Gerald, from Njikoka local government area of Anambra State. I know Benson Okonkwo too well. He’s my cousin and he is really a good person and a hardworking guy who is always dedicated to his job. His haters are his fellow male actors…yes, I said so. At first when I saw the story about him being gay on the internet, I knew that they were on it again to soil his name in the industry. People will always talk, because the nature of his job gives them the room. Anyway, if no one talks about you then you are nobody. All I can say to the fans is to keep on loving your role model, because the gay issue that just came up is to tarnish his image, since he’s rising so fast as an actor and model.

Jessica Owan

My name is Jessica Owan, an actress and model. I’m from Cross River state. First of all, I will like to say that Benson is my very good friend. He is nice, humble, outgoing, and a caring person. I vehemently believe in him. He is not gay like people say. Well, in life, you know, people will want to tarnish your image, especially when you are a celebrity or maybe you are at the verge. I implore on Benson’s fans to forget about the rumors being carried about him because they are all fake news. They should keep being there for him, keep on loving him.

Juliet Mgboruke

My name is Juliet Mgboruke. I’ve known Benson for a year now. He is fun filled and exciting to be with. He likes to play a lot and I think asides from being an actor, he should be a comedian. My take on the gay issue is that if a guy finds fantasy on another guy, then he should go ahead although it is irritating, but you can’t control ones feelings. But I feel that a guy that does not find a girl attractive is sick. But one thing I know is that Benson is not gay. For Benson’s fan, please keep loving him because the sky is his starting point and he is a lovely actor that interprets his character well and he is a lovely person. I trust he will not disappoint you all.

Sylvia Edem

I’m Sylvia Edem, a Nollywood actress from Akwa Ibom state. Benson is a good friend of mine. We grew up together. Please I beg you people in the name of God to leave him alone. He is not a gay. All these are coming from haters now because he is coming up faster than other guys in the industry, that’s why. He is a cool guy and I’m very close to a woman he is in love with.

Geraldine Obi

I’m Obi Geraldin, a Nollywood actress and Gulder ultimate search celebrity. Benson is a nice guy. I’ve known him for 6 years now. He’s not gay. He likes girls. I’m a good friend to his girlfriend Emelda.

Christabel Egbenya

I’m Christabel Egbenya. Benson is a nice person, fun to be with, hardworking, good dresser and a very good actor. He so much cares about other people’s feelings and he’s friendly. He is not a gay. Na wa oo for these haters. My prayer to his fans is that dey will live long and see more of his movies and see as he gets to the top.


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